Women Before and After Islam

By Editorial Staff

When one discusses the issue of the rights of woman in general, it seems to me that the mere discussion of this issue looks disgustful. However, in a world that knows only the language of money and power, where women are exploited for the benefit of moneybags, one cannot but to re-stress these natural and human rights once and once again.

So, we feel sorry for the dear reader about defending the natural and logical rights that have been approved by every pure soul and nature.

Women are human beings that enjoy the full rights of humans, regardless of their gender. A male is not better than a female because both of them complete each other and form an integrated unit of existence, i.e. family. Women are half of the society and the cornerstone of its life.

The video at hand sheds light on some unjust practices and beliefs that dealt with woman from inhuman perspective in comparison with the Islamic approach that equally distributed responsibilities, rights and duties between the two parts of humanity and did not bias to anyone of them against the other.

Enjoy watching this short video by Osoul Channel as it discusses the wrongful principles that Islam fought in favor of women as well as the rights and duties enacted for women according to Islam.


Source: Osoul Center Youtube Channel


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