Can Muslim Women Initiate Divorce?

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Can Muslim Women Initiate Divorce? This is another misrepresentation  about the treatment of women in Islam.

Types of Divorce in Islam

Can Muslim Women Initiate Divorce?There are multiple types of legal divorce in Islam. The first is called Talaq and it’s when the husband initiates the divorce. The ex-husband must pay child support regardless of custody. And the divorced woman is entitled financial maintenance until the end of her waiting period.

The second type is called tafriq or faskh. This is when a judge grants the woman a divorce without the consent of her husband because of any physical, social, or financial harm he may be inflicting on his wife. It can be initiated by the wife or a blood relative on her behalf to ensure her protection.

The third type is called khul. It is when the woman has the right to divorce her husband based on any legitimate concern. In a Khul, the wife must return the dowry her husband paid her at the commencement of the marriage.

In conclusion, Muslim women not only have clear ways to seek divorce and separation, but have assured protection in marriage.

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Source: Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

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