Between Love of Allah and Love of Oneself

By Editorial Staff

Those who have true love of Allah must have initially loved themselves. It is a prerequisite of truthful and sincere love of God, which is one of the attributes of the believer.

Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There are three qualities whoever has them, will taste the sweetness of faith: To love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone else; to love a slave (of Allah) only for (the sake of) Allah; and to abhor returning to infidelity after Allah has saved him from it as he would abhor to be thrown into the fire (of Hell)”. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

The hadith makes the love of Allah a key requirement for the soundness of faith. A Muslim has to be filled with love of Allah and His Messenger more than anybody or anything else.

The video at hand explains one of the fundamental preconditions for the love of Allah, which is to love yourself in advance. Yes, no wonder! Loving yourself is firstly required to love Allah the Almighty.

A true Muslim appreciates himself, his mind, his soul, his character, his personal characteristics, etc. and thus loves the one who have given him all these things and the other blessings around without any interference or contribution from his own part.

Imam Al-Ghazali (a great Muslim scholar) explains in his book Al-Mahabbah wa Ash-Shawq wa Al-Uns wa Ar-Rida (Love, Longing, Intimacy and Contentment) that if love for oneself is necessary for one’s own existence, then one has to love Allah.

God, according to Al-Ghazali, is the one who created man and gave him the ability to love, He is the source of love, He is the All-Loving, He created the everything around, His blessings knows no end, so one must love him.

Enjoy watching this video by Hamzah Tzortzis to know more about the relationship between loving oneself, the love of Allah the Almighty and the love of the last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Source: The iERA Youtube Channel

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