Why Did Abdur Raheem Green Convert from Buddhism to Islam?

By Editorial Staff

During a public speech, Sheikh Abdur Raheem Green received a question from one of the audience who asked, “You were first Christian then a Buddhist, what made you change your mind and follow Islam?

Dr. Abdur Raheem Green shows the reasons that led him to divert from these religions and finally adopt Islam, to which he is committed until now. Dr. Green touches on some wrong concepts in Buddhism that he found inconsistent with logic and sound reasoning as they swerve from the pure nature that people are endowed with. The most alarming issue which Dr. Green elaborated on in Buddhism is its concept of life being a suffering emanating from the ego and that the way to escape this suffering is by annihilating the ego. He shows us how he could not accept this premise from the beginning.

Enjoy watching this very interesting conversion story of someone who was once Christian, then a Buddhist and finally a Muslim, Sheikh Abdur Raheem Green.


Source: Islam Net Video Youtube Channel

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