How Did Yusuf Chambers Convert to Islam?

By Editorial Staff

Yusuf Chamber's Journey to IslamYusuf- born as Tim Chambers- is well known for his charity fundraisers, community work and his role in founding the Islamic Education and Research Academy.

Yusuf Chambers was born in Woking, Surrey.

Yusuf Chambers was trapped in the darkness of his life. He was depressed and felt dead inside. He was searching for the truth, and truth freed him.

Yusuf Chambers has been involved with a number of leading Muslim organizations; both in the UK and abroad. His work has often focused around community projects and positive civic engagement.

He is a prominent da`iyah who delivers lectures around the country. Yusuf has also traveled extensively to give da`wah including Mexico, India and Kuwait. He is also a regular on many television channels including Peace TV and Islam Channel.

Watch this video to know more about Yusuf Chamber’s Journey to Islam.

Source: Imperial College ISoc

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