Swedish National Football Team Player, Ronja Andersson: I’m Proud I Chose Islam

Here’s the Swedish National Football Team Player, Ronja Andersson, conversion story to Islam, in her own words…

On February 21, 2018, something big happened in my life. I’ve become blessed to be a member in the big family; I took the step to become a Muslim. It’s the best decision I’ve taken in my life Alhamdulillah.

Swedish National Football Team Player: I’m Proud I Chose Islam

“Becoming Muslim is the best decision I’ve taken in my life”

Since I was 15 years old, I’ve always been for Islam. I always said “one beautiful day I will convert to the true religion, Insha’Allah”. At that age, I got my eyes open for Islam. I didn’t know anything about the religion, what it means, who are the Muslims and why they follow it.

I am Swedish. I was baptized in church, and thus born Christian. But my family was not practicing Christians. We were a perfectly ordinary Swedish family who lived a normal life, celebrated Easter, Christmas, Midsummer, Halloween, etc.

For 4 years, my interest in Islam has only grown more and more. I made friendships with Muslims, I searched the Internet and social media for Islam. This way, Islam just grew more and more every day.

During this time, I had a friend who was a Muslim; we did everything together. We traveled to his homeland, a Muslim country. I’d got to see many good things about Islam, including the mosques. I’d heard the adhan. That’s probably the nicest thing I’ve ever heard.

For a period of three weeks I was in Istanbul where my love for Islam just grew even more. I was only with Muslims and they told me so nice stories about the religion and Islamic history. Islam is the true religion and the only religion that appealed to me. That religion has no evil in itself. It is simply about peace and purity. Peace is a basic concept in in Islam. We, Muslims, help everyone. We help poor people. We help ease the difficulties of others. Aren’t they nice? I think there is only something nice about this religion.

The religion today is thoroughly discredited. Many people see Islam as conflict-related religion where only violence exists. If it was, just think what misery a whole religion like Islam would create if it was about destruction and violence and not about belief!

Only Muslims greet each other with “Assalamu `Alykum” which means “peace be upon you”.


Many come to me and say Islam is a women-oppressive religion. 2018 was the year I converted to Islam. The days before and after I have seen several hundreds of Swedish girls (and guys) convert to Islam. Shouldn’t those who claim that Islam is women-oppressive religion think a little more about it? Can’t they see that the majority of those who convert to Islam are actually women?

Why would we women convert if the men looked down on us? I have never seen any other religion has so much respect for women more than Islam. The mother has a tremendous status in Islam. Obedience and respect towards one’s mother is a very important duty in Islam.

It’s about Respecting Each Other

Back to the period before my conversion,  for four years, I have had the interest to convert one day. My family had been interested in the matter. They had become closer to my Muslim friend, who told us a lot about the religion and it was always positive to listen.

Of course, everyone has their own opinions on certain things. And this applies to Islam. We all have different opinions, and that’s OK. But it’s about respecting each other.

For example, it was very difficult for my family to accept circumcision. For those of you who don’t know what circumcision is, it is done by delegated doctors not at home in a cabin. So they are fully legal today in Sweden and became legal in 2001. What happens in circumcision is that the foreskin is removed which leads to cleaner genitals. These are facts not my own words and thoughts.

It is shown that one who has circumcised foreskin has significantly healthier genitals. If you want to go into details, it’s less bacteria and less Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Many with Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have to be circumcised in late age to cure their disease such as syphilis. Is it unusual for this to happen with men? Really not. Every day, adults get circumcised because of diseases.

Misconceived Religion

Back to the point of my conversion, on April 3rd-as they have now been two months since I converted, my family has reacted strongly to this. They called me in panic asking if I have converted to Islam. My mother asked me questions that many  asked me like “are you going to wear veil?” “Are you going to hide your beautiful hair?”, “Are you going to stop playing football?”, “Can’t you drink alcohol now?”, “Can’t you have intercourse before marriage?” and so many more.

She also asked me about marriage, “are you going to marry one of them?

It clearly reflects the negative image she and many other have about Islam. And that’s a shame. It’s too bad.

If anyone gave them a chance to read about the religion, I am almost sure they would change their perception of Islam and think as I and many others do today. My family who I thought supported me in this has today left me- because I’ve converted to the  true religion and because I’m not against circumcision. They see it as an abuse, but no one has said that the child is unable to give his opinion about any religion. You can just wait and then the problem is solved when the person is able to choose for himself.

My Own Choice

Yesterday I didn’t get to hug my little sister for 7 years because I was considered a horrible person. My little sister in 7 years didn’t understand what happened as these adults immaturely depicted  to a 7-Year-old how terrible person I was.

I know that many converts have these difficulties particularly when if they are alone in the religion., where nobody supports them, and they can feel very lonely. I thought I’d never be treated like that particularly as they reacted positively to me and my friend at the beginning.

That’s why I’m very shocked. No one forced me to be a Muslim. No one. I converted to Islam when I and the guy didn’t contact each other. My family claims I’ve been brainwashed by the guy and his family for 4 years, but it was the other way around. I’ve seen something bright in it, and no one have forced me into anything. This religion becomes the greatest religion in 2050, as statistics are gradually showing up.

I don’t think all these millions of people get brainwashed. We all have a choice in life and I don’t think people would convert if there was any evil in it. Here’s what the guy wrote to my fake dad.

“You do not change the fate of a child, you do not change their purpose or faith. It’s a foreskin that disappears. And you are now creating a problem for her. Does she have a son? Does she have a child? No, she doesn’t. So why are you worried about the future? Live for now and think about what you say and do. This is totally unacceptable behavior in my view for someone to betray his daughter. It’s her choice and the conversion didn’t happen with me and my family. My family can’t speak with her in Swedish. So why do you smear my family? So old and nice they are. They accepted Ronja for everything.”

For 14 years, I’ve grown up with only mom. Dad hasn’t been there for me. He left me and my mother when I was only 5 years old. And it’s been very tough. Mom has always helped me and supported me through everything. I love her infinitely, that’s my mother. But I am so incredibly sorry that she has given me choices in life.

She claims I preferred Islam to my biological mother. I have a very strong opinion on this and no one can influence it. This is what makes many people hesitate over Islam because it gets a choice. They ask you to choose between the religion or the family. It’s a fucked-up choice.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that unbelievers will be believers but their relationship with their family will be divided because the non-believers will force their children to choose either religion or family. Right now I’m there. That I never believed in.

Proud to Be Muslim

There are so many people who have asked me how did your family take it? I’ve always said positive. But I was wrong.

My purpose with this text is that there are so many people who are currently in my situation. And I would like to say with this that you are not alone. You have millions of people behind you who support you.

I am proud of what I have done. I am proud that I chose Islam and you who took this step also should be. Alhamdulillah. Religion has helped me so much. No one can influence my choice except for God.


Source: Ronja Andersson Facebook page.

Ronja Andersson is Goalkeeper of Swedish Uppsala Women’s Football team.

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