Fasting, Materialism and Time Management

Fasting is one of the most important rituals of Islam as it enriches one’s soul and attitude and rectifies the Muslim’s relationship with God.

It is a means of attaining righteousness and God-fearing, sincerity, forbearance, self-management and time control.

The time factor is serious in the worship of fasting because fasting is set to accurate times that one must observe or either the whole worship will be in vain.

A Muslim begins his fast at a specific time, breaks it at a specific time, takes Sahur (predawn meal) at a definite time and seeks Laylat Al-Qadr (Night of the Decree) at the odd nights only in Ramadan.

Regarding the importance of fasting and its relation to time and materialism, Imam Suhaib Webb who is an American Muslim caller to Islam and is currently the Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center delivers a lecture in Zaytuna College.

In this lecture, Sheikh Suhaib gives very important information about fasting and its significance as an act of worship being a powerful element in changing the Muslim’s life to better.

Enjoy watching this video by Imam Suhaib Webb offering Ramadan advice to Zaytuna Summer Arabic Intensive students on fasting, materialism and time management.


Source: Zaytuna College Channel

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