How Alexander Converted to Islam

By Editorial Staff

Alexander – a convert to Islam grew up in a communist family in former Yugoslavia and remained in Bosnia after Yugoslavia fell apart.

He is an actor who lives and works in Sarajevo, a capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and this interview was done during Eddie’s visit to Bosnia few months ago.

Alexander talks about the natural tendency that is inherent in human nature to seek and submit to God (Allah) which came very easy to him.

Eddie mentions about how Alexander appreciates Islam as a convert to Islam more than many Muslims that were born in Muslim families.

Alexander talks about his appreciation for finding out about Islam and comparing with his previous life and having a much better life experiences now as a Muslim. This may be the case with lot of converts to Islam.

He had near-death experiences during the Bosnian war 92-95 which made him think more deeply about death and salvation and he feels being on the safe side as a Muslim now.

Some traditional views on Islam in Bosnia were also mentioned and some misconceptions that mostly come from people’s ignorance and prejudice.

Alexander did his pilgrimage to Makkah as well and he was enlightened with the experience to see how Islam transcends borders, skin color, nationality, languages, etc. and unites people to line up in prayer before their Lord.

His siblings also are converts to Islam and they lead a nice and fulfilling lives.

The video includes a clip of a Serbian priest on a Serbian TV interview praising Muslim women for their chastity and the way they dress protecting themselves and their families.

The Orthodox priest mentions a Christian youth on the other side not dressing appropriately and inviting to sin and expresses his dissatisfaction with the current state of their affairs.


Source: The Deen Show

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