How the Media Made Damian Convert to Islam?

By Editorial Staff

One of the most deplorable problems we often meet with in our activities of introducing Islam to non-Muslims is the disastrous impact that the mass media have upon the minds and hearts of non-Muslims regarding Islam. They depict it, in some cases, as an imprecation that is going to devastate the whole world by the hands of its adherents.

However, the general trend of the media tries to tarnish the image of Islam intentionally or unintentionally through the fabricated and perverted views and information. The aim of these campaigns is not hidden; they attempt to stop the flooding currents that threaten their deceitful faiths and reveal their falsities.

The video at hand relates the story of a Muslim brother who tells us how Islam was mutilated for him by the help of the untruthful information conveyed to them in the non-Muslim places. The guest tells us of the story of his conversion to Islam and how he discovered the guiltlessness of Islam from everything they try to wrongfully disperse against Islam. Islam has been a light and a mercy for the whole people since its rise. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said about himself, “I am the Messenger of Mercy.” (Ahmad)

Enjoy watching this video about the story of a Muslim who was captured by the mass media that depicted Islam for him as an adverse and detrimental faith. Once he came to know the truth, he hastened to Islam without the least hesitation.




Source: Taken from the Digital Mimbar Youtube Channel

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