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How Aliza Kim Embraced Islam

By Editorial Staff

Finding Him by Aliza Kim is a vlog series revolving around the journey of Aliza’s reversion to Islam. The series highlights the step-by-step process that she took when she became a Muslim.

Before finding Islam, she was an international model, actress and TV host. Currently, she is an inspirational speaker and active in dawah to Islam. She was a Christian born and raised in USA.

How did she find Islam? From where did she begin? What was she searching for before finding Islam, and what did she really find in the religion?

Here’s her first episode: Soul Searching…


Source: DOPStv YouTube Channel

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2 thoughts on “How Aliza Kim Embraced Islam


Assalam alaiykym sister Aliza just want to say that congratulation on accepting Islam and beautiful you look as a muslima Ma Sha Allah


    Thank you very much for your comment.

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