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How Did a Former Islamophobe EDL Member Convert to Islam?

By Editorial Staff
How Did a Former Islamophobe EDL Member Convert to Islam?

Kris found peace in Islam.

The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right, Islamophobic organization in the United Kingdom. A social movement and pressure group that employs street demonstrations as its main tactic, the EDL presents itself as a single-issue movement opposed to Islamism and Islamic extremism, although its rhetoric and actions target Islam and Muslims more widely. (Wikipedia)

Why was the EDL formed?

What was Kris’ previous religion?

What questions did he have about Christianity?

Why did he leave the church?

Did Kris believe in the trinity?

What did Kris ask the Pope about?

Did the Pope answer Kris’ question?

Watch this short video to know how brother Kris, a former Islamophobe EDL member, convert to Islam:


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Source: The Deen Show TV

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