How to Find Happiness

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How to find happiness

Islam lays down a number of rules and regulations to guarantee man’s happiness.

Each of the human beings is instinctively seeking happiness. Seeking this happiness is one of our greatest goals. But, perhaps, sometimes, we have a trouble attaining this lasting happiness because we may not understand where it so really is.

The economic systems we are living today are modeled on the basis that happiness is to have more. This is based on the notion that there will be always something we do not have and acquiring this will make us happier.

This has misled some people into believing that happiness is attained through having more money, more power or more fame. But it is not strange, though, that those people who are the wealthiest, most powerful or the most famous are among those who seem to be the least happy.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was God’s final messenger to mankind. He was the Prophet and the model in every aspect of life. With regard to being happy, he said “True happiness does not mean having many belongings or possessing a lot of wealth. But true happiness is the contentment of the heart and richness of the soul.” (Muslim)

Unhappiness is enslavement to desire. As an example, those who seek pleasure from the likes of alcohol and drugs will tell you that pleasure is short-lived and that happiness is nothing but an allusion.

Once the pleasure dissipates, withdrawal kicks in and the person enters a vicious cycle of lasting misery.

Sometimes, in order to achieve happiness, people attempt to follow a complicated path. Happiness cannot be achieved by satisfying the body but rather happiness can be found in the solace that comes from being upon the truth.

Islam lays down a number of rules and regulations to guarantee man’s happiness in this worldly life. At the same time, Islam emphasizes that the life of this world is nothing more than a means to attain the Hereafter – the true life we must all strive to attain. In God’s final revelation, the Qur’an, God says:

But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world compared to the Hereafter. (Al-Tawbah 9:38)

True and lasting happiness is in Paradise. Paradise is a place prepared by God for those who believe and do good. It is the place where one can have all that he desires and more. It is the only place where one will find peace, tranquility and security, and it is the only place where one will be completely free from fear, anxiety and pain.

Islam teaches us that happiness in this life is acquired through accepting the truth of the oneness of God and the belief that He will resurrect us and hold us accountable for what we do. Muslims attain happiness through knowing and worshipping God and they maintain this happiness through remembering Him and doing good deeds. God says in the Quran:

Whoever does good, whether male or female, and he is a believer, We will more certainly make him lead a happy life and We will more certainly reward him with the best he used to do. (Al-Nahl 16:97)

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