Who is God?

Who is the source of the whole being? Who is the creator of the universe? Who brought Adam and Eve into existence? Questions are constantly raised but what are the clear-cut and right answers? Indeed, Islam gives us an answer agreeing with reason, science and nature. The Qur’an, the book revealed from Allah upon His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him), establishes that Allah is the creator. It includes facts about the creation of human beings, heavens, earth, living things etc.

No doubt that there are many theories that interpret the existence of the universe such as the Big Bang, Evolution, etc. Yet, still they are theories not facts. The Qur’an explains the stages of creation and proves that Allah is the Creator. In addition, Islam teaches that the One Who created Alone should be the One Who is worshipped Alone.

Watch this short video that gives a convincing and simple answer to the question of “Who is God?”

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