Why Doesn’t Islam Allow a Woman to Have More Than a Husband?

By Editorial Staff

Why Doesn't Islam Allow a Woman to Have More Than a Husband?With regard to why Islam does not allow a woman to marry more than a husband, Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

“That is the wisdom of the Lord and His kindness and mercy towards His slaves and His taking care of their affairs. Exalted be He far above anything other than that. His laws are above suggesting anything other than that. If it were permitted for a woman to have two husbands or more, the world would be corrupted, lineages would be lost, the husbands would kill one another, there would be great misery and tribulation, and there would be continuous trouble.”

Watch this video by Dr. Zakir Naik to know the answer to the question: Why doesn’t Islam allow a woman to have more than a husband?


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