Useful Tips From Abu Ad-Darda, the Righteous Companion of the Prophet

Useful Tips From Abu Ad-DardaHere are some pieces of advice for every Muslim from Abu Ad-Darda, the wise man and Companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Amr ibn Abdul-Wahid narrated that Abu Ad-Darda said:

“You will be safe as long as you love the best amongst you, and as long as you acknowledge just and constructive criticism when they befit you, for whatsoever recognizes what is just and true is like the one that does them.”

Qutaibah ibn Said narrated that Abu Ad-Darda said:

“One of the signs of man’s fiqh (true understanding of Islam), is his compassion towards himself by adopting a simple life”.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal narrates that Abu Ad-Dardaa said:

“The sign of man’s fiqh (true understanding) also involves his personal conduct, where he goes, from where he comes, who he sits with, and his perseverance in oft-soliciting to sit in the company of the learned ones”.

Salim ibn Abi Al-Ja`ad narrated that Abu Ad-Darda said:

“Why do I find your scholars rejecting attachment to this world, and yet your ignorant ones refuse to learn? Surely the one who teaches what is good and beneficial and the one who learns them receive equal reward; and besides these two categories, humanity is at loss”.

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Dawud narrated that Abu Ad-Darda once saw a man walking in the marketplace holding the hand of his child, whom he adorned and dressed up beautifully, and the man seemed to take great pride in his son. Abu Ad-Darda then made an audible comment, saying: “Adorn them as you please, and this will surely help boost their ego and self deception!”

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaibah narrated that Abu Ad-Darda said:

“Worship God as though you can see Him (always be aware of Him).”

Regard yourselves as though you have joined the dead, and understand that having a little that suffices you in this world is better than having a lot that distracts you from your true objective.

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