“And We Created You in Pairs”: Islam and the Gender Question

By Editorial Staff
And We Created You in Pairs

And We Created You in Pairs.

Gender informs who we are as individuals, as collectives, and as creators of civilization because it is real. The modern era, however, has uprooted much of our understanding of this defining aspect of selfhood.

The new gender theories, pioneered by public intellectuals like Professor Judith Butler, have not so much replaced traditional configurations as simply disregarded them.

In order to gain influence, these theorists misrepresent the meaning and implications of biological sex, take a reductionist approach to gender, and fail to consider the wide domain that “traditional” thinking about gender covers. They vulgarize science and overlook philosophical approaches to gender.

The author, Faatimah Knight, argues that traditional thinking on gender—specifically Muslim thought—expanded far beyond a discussion of the body and its function, roles, dress, and demeanor, to map meaning on to the entirety of the cosmos.

She gives behind the scenes look at her recent publication, “And We Created You in Pairs”: Islam and the Gender Question, part of the Gender & Islam collection.

Watch a summary of the paper:

Read the full publication and explore the full publication here: http://bit.ly/2Y3Fpku

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Source: Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

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