What’s the Purpose of My Life?

By Editorial Staff

Have you ever truly asked yourself: ‘What’s the purpose of my life? What do I truly live for? What do I gain from all this?’

Every person at one point of their life, in a way or another, has pondered about this serious question; what for?

Between birth and death there’s a whole drama in between. How do you fill that gap?

Are you living your life in pursuit of joy, money and other worldly pleasures? Is your life still a series of reactions to what happens to you or what you go through?

In light of what you’d been through, what you are living in and what’s may be held in the future, how could you define your life circle?

It’s your life and you determine how to live it, and for what end…

Here in that episode of  The DeenShow is a great opportunity for you to get an answer to the most important question in your life.


Source: TheDeenShowTV

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