Why Do Muslims Believe in Life After Death?

By Editorial Staff
Why Do Muslims Believe in Life After Death?

The Hereafter is a logical belief.

If Islam is a logical religion, how can you logically prove the existence of life after death?

Dr. Zakir Naik argues the following:

1- Belief in the Hereafter is not based on blind faith.

Many people wonder as to how a person with a scientific and logical temperament, can lend any credence to the belief of life after death. People assume that anyone believing in the hereafter is doing so on the basis of blind belief. My belief in the hereafter is based on a logical argument.

2- The Hereafter is a logical belief.

There are more than a thousand verses in the Glorious Quran, containing scientific facts. Many facts mentioned in the Quran have been discovered in the last few centuries.

But science has not advanced to a level where it can confirm every statement of the Quran. Suppose 80% of all that is mentioned in the Quran has been proved 100% correct.

About the remaining 20%, science makes no categorical statement, since it has not advanced to a level, where it can either prove or disprove these statements. With the limited knowledge that we have, we cannot say for sure whether even a single percentage or a single verse of the Quran from this 20% portion is wrong.

Thus when 80% of the Quran is 100% correct and the remaining 20% is not disproved, logic says that even the 20% portion is correct.

The existence of the hereafter, which is mentioned in the Quran, falls in the 20% ambiguous portion which my logic says is correct.

Watch this video by Dr. Zakir Naik to learn the detailed answer to this question which is asked by many non-Muslims about Islam.

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