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Have You Heard about the Prophet’s Married Love Legacy?

To ourselves, to anyone who has a distorted image about the Prophet’s marriage to Lady `A’ishah or doesn’t know about it: have you heard about the greatest love story ever?

The Prophet’s message with lady `A’ishah has always been a subject of attack and criticism against Islam. Knowing about the unprecedented kindness and love of the prophet to his wife and learning from the legacy of his married love is the very way both to answer any questions about the issue and confidently refute any misconception about the amazing love story, and to implement it in our personal lives.

Drawing on the misconception regarding Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Lady `A’ishah, Sheikh Yusuf Estes elaborates on the unique love story of our beloved Prophet with lady `A’ishah.

He leans on true images from the prophet’s marital life with `A’ishah, the Mother of the Faithful, and the pure married love they shared.

How could we answer insulting questions about our religion and beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)? How could we reasonably face up to such distorted facts, embarrassing questions and mistaken beliefs?

In Islam we have the truth and we have the proof. From this reality you build on your own knowledge about your religion, answer any questions and refute any misconception about the true religion of God, as well as learn from the life of our guidance, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It’s time to learn about the true love.

Just Listen.

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